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Young Entrepreneur Program

In 2022 Advanced Remodeling founded the Young Entrepreneur Program. With the purpose to reach young adults and teach the basic skills needed to succeed in the Construction Industry. Statistics say that for every 100 people that leave the construction industry, only 7 will replace them.  Our goal is to bridge the gap and educate those who are interested in joining the industry. The program lasts one year and  focuses on the basics from building client relations to in depth knowledge of running a small business. Young Entrepreneurs will start and work their way through all the important facets of the construction industry; plumbing, dry wall, siding, roofing, interior/exterior painting, sales, accounting project management and much more. 

They are empowered to be a part of their projects from start to finish. Once a Young Entrepreneur finishes their program they are assisted with picking a trade and guiding on their career choice.

We look forward to helping all the upcoming Young Entrepreneurs to our team and helping them achieve their goals!

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